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Behavioural Optometry

Behavioural Optometry tests visual comfort, visual focus and visual processing – not just eyesight.

Behavioural Optometry is about the eye-brain connection. The way you perceive what you see does not only depend on how clear your eyesight is.

Behavioural Optometry is an extended area of practice because it takes into account visual motor and visual cognitive skills. We take a holistic approach to ensure that your eyes have the strength and stamina to cope with the demands you place on them.

Visual input accounts for 80 percent of our learning and in the modern world, everyone spends a lot of time processing information from games, phones, computers and television screens.

The best treatment is prevention and children may only need to wear glasses in conjunction with exercises for a temporary period while a management plan helps to retrain the brain.


Early diagnosis means at-risk children can enjoy normal, healthy brain development and reach their full potential as adults.


Our treatments may include spectacles, coloured lenses and vision therapy including gross motor, fine motor and visual information processing.

What to bring?

  • Medicare card - our consultations are bulk-billed

  • Glasses if already wearing them

  • Reports from school or other relevant professionals eg psychologist, occupational therapist, speech therapist

  • No referral is required

What outcomes can you expect?

  • Glasses - The optometrist may recommend spectacles to improve ocular focusing, eye turning and tracking.

  • Visual therapy - Behavioural Optometrists may recommend vision therapy to improve visual efficiency & comfort, and to improve visual information processing skills and speed.

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