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Myopia Control

What is Myopia? 


Myopia, generally known as near sightedness or short sightedness, is an increasingly common vision condition that causes blur in the distance. This condition normally starts in childhood, progressing in severity during teenage years and into a person’s early 20’s.

Myopia occurs when the shape of your eye causes light rays to bend (refract) incorrectly, focusing images in front of your retina. This is often due to an excessive elongation of the eyeball or an excessively powerful/curved cornea.

Unfortunately myopia is a growing epidemic, showing onset at younger and younger ages and is the single greatest threat to our children’s vision.

Our optometrists at Woonona Eyecare are passionate about responsibly and expertly managing your visual and ocular needs. Our Myopia Clinic therefore combines extensive professional training with clinically innovative solutions in the ongoing management of you and your child’s myopia. 
Patients wit
h myopia have several options available to regain and maintain clear distance vision.

What are common symptoms?

  • Blurred distance vision

  • Tired eyes

  • Squinting or excessive blinking

  • Increased headaches and strain

  • Reduced learning performance

  • Moving closer to the TV or the board

  • Holding material closer to see

Why is progressing myopia a problem?

  • Dependency on spectacles or contact lenses increases

  • The higher the myopia, the higher the risk for serious ocular complications like:

    • Retinal Detachment

    • Glaucoma

    • Cataract

    • Myopic Maculopathy

    • Reduced freedom and quality of life for sports and activities with spectacles

Myopia Simulation

Simulate what it’s like to have increased degrees of myopia:


Treatment Options

Patients with myopia have several options available to regain and maintain clear distance vision.


Innovative Spectacle Lenses

Spectacles are the most common and accessible choice for correcting myopia. These are available in various designs from single vision to multifocal lenses and also thinner options for higher power spectacles. We are also proud partners with HOYA, offering the patented D.I.M.S technology MiYOSMART lens to counteract progressing myopia.

Child with Contact Lens

Ortho-K Hard

Contact Lenses

 Orthokeratology or OrthoK is the new innovation in myopia management, eliminating the need for spectacles or contact lenses during the day, achieved by the wearing of overnight contact lenses. This is a great alternative to laser eye surgery and has high effectivity in reducing myopic progression.

Contact Lenses

Disposable Soft

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be worn as a primary form or additive option of correction and offer great comfort, freedom and lifestyle benefits. We are proud partners with various contact lens suppliers offering disposable soft lenses proven to slow progressing myopia.

Blue Eye on Grey Background

Therapeutic Eye Drops

Alongside spectacle or contact lens optical correction, specially compounded eye drops can be prescribed to aid the slowing of myopic progression where required.

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